MoOC - Sharing Europe through European Heritage

3/ The Feedback of the Students and the Partners

The Students Questionnaire

@Robert Belot

Why did you wish to participate in the ProPEACE programme?

Due to my interest in the cultural heritage (7)

I wanted to discover a different approach when it comes to the term of heritage, to understand what it means for people coming from different professional and cultural backgrounds.

The idea of ProPeace project was indeed interesting due the fact that it's all about heritage (tangible or intangible). Also, that it is possible to contribute to this virtual encyclopedia.

I was interested to participate in the ProPEACE programme because I wanted to learn new things about heritage,

I was interested in visiting another country and getting to know new people, especially students from all over Europe (and USA) and because I knew that this type of project will help me understand other cultures/traditions from different countries.

To discuss about Heritage

I thought it was a great opportunity to develop the knowledge acquired in the Master of Tourism I´ve been studying this academic year.

I wished to participate in the ProPEACE program because I found the mission of the program to promote more European unity to be very interesting and of the utmost importance. In addition, I wanted to have the opportunity to meet and work with other European students in the field of heritage – to hear their perspectives.

Thought it would be a good opportunity to work with heritage

Because I want to work in the field of patrimony

Did the week meet your expectations?

Example of answers:

Yes. It's been amazing!

Well, yes, almost everything except maybe with some organizational details as it should be more informed what's going to happen and how, during the days of project.

Yes! Actually it was better than I expected. I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot of new things, I got the chance to improve my english and see a beautiful city.

Sure, I really enjoyed everything: the city, the people involved in Propeace, the meetings, group-work, etc.

I would say the week met my expectations.

Overall did you find this training very satisfying? Satisfying? Adequate? Less satisfying?

46% Very satisfying

14% Satisfaying

20% Adequate

Did ProPEACE provide you useful knowledge and skills for your career plan?

Yes, it broaden my view point about perspective career in working with heritage itself. The challenges and problems it may face. Also, the presented projects from Edinburgh heritage institution was very interesting and useful in order to have more concrete examples how it's actually works once you work with heritage.

Of course! I hope to continue with this project next year as well.

As far as my professional career is concerned, I'm still thinking about what to do, but I have to say that this has been a very enriching experience.

The most important aspect for me was to compare how heritage is studied in the university and how it works in business

Could you provide more specific details?

After the ProPEACE experience I understood how wide is my field of study and how many different career opportunities can fit the description of my studies.

What was useful for me was the 3D visual exhibition. It was the first time I got the chance to see how the 3D virtual exhibition was made and how interesting would be a career in this domain. Another thing I liked were the lectures. I learned a lot about each subject presented (even about whiskey).

I really enjoyed learning more about Edinburgh World Heritage and the great work they are doing. Ideally, I would live to work for such an organisation that has so many different missions and task, ranging from community engagement and development to working with the city & residents to address issues such as climate change and sustainability. It was great to learn about the differing philosophies of thought from the professionals.

I thought we would go deeper into the issues exposed in the programme

Concerning the duration of the programme, we have the possibility to offer a training between 5 and 10 days. This year the training was 5 days. What did you think of the length?

I think 10 days would be too much while the programme itself it's quite intense. The last day was a bit hard to concentrate due to tiredness. I would take 7 days, but include maybe a tour around the city or then a bit some time for yourself while the city itself is not known and discuss about Scottish heritage is hard while you haven't been here before, therefore would like "to be more introduced" to the city.

It was too short! I wanted to cry when I had to go... I wanted more... I hope the next year we will have a 10 days duration of the programme.

5 days is okay, 10 might be too long (9)

I though the length was okay, maybe a full week would have been better. 10 days would have been impossible for me as I had work commitments. 7 days would be better to have more time to collaborate and more free time to enjoy the unique heritage of the city.

I guess the time was good. I feel that the whole content proposed by ProPeace were fulfilled

Were you satisfied with the programme of the week?

80% Yes

10% without opinion

10% No

Which part was the most useful for you?

The museum designing (2)

I think that international teamwork effort was the best and most useful part of the project.

The presentations of projects that Edinburgh heritage institution is doing, virtual exhibition workshop and also discussions with professors

As I mentioned earlier, the 3D visual exhibition.

The discussion sessions


I really enjoyed all the workshops and sessions with Edinburgh World Heritage as well as the professional development session.

The exhibition particularly.

Which part was less useful?

Too much time spent on long, conceptual explanations of terms and ideas.

Mayby the time of taking interviews. Well, maybe it was at some point useful but the it should be better set up how we should present it and observed, while just only few people presented their own interviews.

I can't say I considered a part to be less useful... Each day was different, each lecture brought something new... in my opinion, everything was great!

Lexicon and encyclopedia lessons, in my opinion we waste a lot of time because we had to do that work already before arriving in Edinburgh.

I would like to have have started an hour earlier at 8am and have a shorter lunch so that we had more time to collaborate in teams as well as free time in the afternoon. I really loved conducting the interviews with Scottish individuals. Yet, I felt the debriefing session missed its mark. We seemed a bit off topic and talked on and on about one or two interviews. We missed the opportunity to hear the rest of the interviews and reflect about how these Scottish individuals view their heritage in relation to European heritage.

The night with the torchs and some of the conferences

What did you think of the pace of the speeches, activities?

Most of them were quite interesting.

The first day was quite a lot of presentations but in total it was okay

It was OK (7)

Sometimes It was very slow

Would you have liked more individual work? Group work?

More individual work (2)

Yes. More group work

More group. Well it is more challenging to come up with the same solution, but while we come from different countries and have different backgrounds, it is more useful to discuss things with other people, to learn from them.

Group work. It was the best way to create connections between students.

As I said above, I think we should have done lexicon and encyclopedia before meeting in Edinburgh, so once there you can compare what each group did and try to improve it. I think we´d have save a lot of time!!!!

I think it would have been better for each person to write an encyclopaedia article on their own instead of national groups. It was still very difficult to coordinate even as national groups. Also both for the lexicon and encyclopaedia topics, it would have been much more efficient to create two google documents so that groups and professors could sign up for topics and terms.

For a matter of time, group work is ideal

Both of them (5)

Was the group work interesting for you?

Yes (7)

Yes. The "international teams" was a brilliant idea for this project. It helped strengthen the bonds between the participants.

Yes, just maybe sometimes was a bit harder while not everybody's English level of speaking or generally communicating was sufficient enough.

Yes! And I loved the fact that we were students from different countries. That way I saw the how every student thinks, I heard stories from different countries and we got along just fine.

Yes, interesting to meet new people/cultures

As I said above, I think we should have done lexicon and encyclopaedia before meeting in Edinburgh, so once there you can compare what each group did and try to improve it. I think we´d have save a lot of time!!!!

I loved the idea of mixed nationality groups and for the most part the group work was interesting.

Yes, it was

Would you have preferred more conferences or classes?

Yes, but only if they were well organized, with some purpose (2)

No (4)

To be honest, classes.

Bit more lectures by the professors

Probably, but not in a 5 days stay. If were possible to stay 10 days, I would.

I think the balance was good, maybe just more time to reflect and discussion in groups.

Yes (5)

Was there a balance between theory and practical work?

Yes. (7)

I would say, althought didn't find a lot of new theory or generally theory, it was at some point more practical which is also great.

Yes. When we visited the city, I could actually see how what I learned about heritage helped me see the things differently. The buildings, how people act... I saw all those things in a different perspective.

Could have been more theory.

I think the balance was good, maybe just more time to reflect and discussion in groups.

I felt it was all right.

No (5)

Overall what did you think of the availability of instructors, speakers, and professors?

They were nice and open for further discussions and I think that it was important to create new bonds between students and professors.

As I have said I would give some time to have a small activity with professors, because it felt that some of them are a bit distanced.

I was glad to meet so many professors and to get to hear what they had to say; the first day when they all introduced themselves and had those short presentations, was the best. Because we all talked, we were all at the same level and there were a lot of questions.


It was OK (8)

They are all very prestigious professors. It was a pleasure have the opportunity to work with them

What is your degree of satisfaction with the discussion with the participants?

Very satisfied! I have experienced a great interaction and fruitful discussions with all participants.

I did enjoy discussions to see different points of view of other people. Just some of people were sometimes a bit too harsh with their opinions and the level of "pushing" their opinions.

A great one. I'm happy I had the opportunity to discuss with all the students involved in this project. level of the participants varied, so discussion was sometimes hard

Good (9)

I would have liked more time to discuss.


Were Edinburgh and the challenges there relevant as the location for this first session?

Yes, it was the perfect location (2)


Yes, especially while you had this Edinburgh heritage institution who were able to present the activities they do and the challenges they face

Yes. I loved the city and I now have a lot of perfect memories from this trip. So thank you for choosing Edinburgh!

No doubt.

Yes, I thought Edinburgh was a great location for this first session.

Yes, it was

The next session will be held in Ravello, Italy (first cultural landscape classified by UNESCO, and our theme will be European cultural landscapes). What are your opinions?

Totally agree (10)

I love the idea, and I would like to continue taking part in this interesting experience.

Should be very interesting while already in our discussions were lots of thoughts what is first of all European heritage per se, then also there is not enough of discussions about landscapes itself as well.

As soon as I saw the name Ravello, I searched it on the internet and saw good reviews regarding the city. Can't wait for this experience!


Honestly, I don´t know a lot about this topic, but I´m sure it will be a great session as it was in Edinburgh.

I think Ravello will be another fantastic location. There are many challenges relating to heritage, tourism, etc. in the Amalfi coast. I have visited the region twice, and I find it to be both beautiful and an engaging point of discussion regarding heritage management and European heritage.

I am interested in attending to this session

Would you recommend this training?

Yes, but not near the final exams/the deadline of the thesis (2)


Of course, as soon as it is organized sufficiently :)

Yes! Because every student should have this opportunity of learning, visiting and meeting people.

Yes (10)


Yes, definitely!

Yes, I would

If the program improves, I will recommend it

The Partners Questionnaire

Overall did you find this training very satisfying? Satisfying? Adequate? Less satisfying?

Very satisfying 75%

Satisfyinf 25%

Did the week meet your expectations?

Entirely (4)

Yes, indeed (5)

Yes indeed, although I would have liked to know more about interests groups, resistance groups etc, the social aspects of heritage

Did ProPEACE provide you useful complementary knowledge and skills in cultural heritage and management practices? (Here we set aside ourselves as partners).

Yes, absolute enriching knowledge

Yes it did (10)

Concerning the duration of the program, we have the possibility to offer a training between 5 and 10 days. This year the training was 5 days. What did you think of the length? (Here we set aside ourselves as partners).

5 days is just fine, effective and inspiring (5)

For me it is quite difficult to attend a longer program (5)

Were you satisfied with the programme of the week?

Yes (10)

Which part was the most useful for you? (Here we set aside ourselves as partners).

Discussions and exchanges of best practice

The work developed by students

Which part was less useful? (Here we set aside ourselves as partners).

Some sessions were too long. The conference session (last day) was really long. Although the session was interesting, 5 speeches were tired

Is there a part of the training that could be more developed? (Here we set aside ourselves as partners).

It was a good balance among parts (10)

Do you have any suggestion for improving the programme with new activities?

Each coming event is already a natural improvement

I would like to visit informal heritage sites and groups (5)

What did you think of the pace of the speeches, activities?

On the whole very good, but some were rather inward and interaction avoiding

Would you have wished for more time to exchange with the students?

Yes, maybe (5)

Always good to have more opportunities for exchange. I regret that the students had to leave the programme when several lectures just prior to several lectures

Would you need more time to exchange among the professors?

I think was the right time (4)

It was ok as it has been (6)

Was there a balance between theory and practical work?

Yes (10)

Overall what did you think of the interaction between instructors, speakers, and professors?

Very well done

I think it was quite good

OK (8)

In the future, we hope to offer training on some digital tools or methodology applied to heritage to promote new practices. Would this be of interest for you?

Yes (9)

I am not good in my digital skills, so maybe it could be interesting

Were Edinburgh and the challenges there relevant as the location for this first session?

Yes (10)

Do you have any comments concerning the organisation (flights, accommodations, meals, etc.)?

Perfectly done (8)

No, everything was perfect

I would prefer more interaction with the students outside the programme at shared dinners

The original program was supposed to be different. 1. September – October: selection of students from each country 2. October – Spring: students work in groups via the internet to create 30 lexicon entries, two encyclopaedia articles, and the description of the exhibition scenario 3. During the meeting in Edinburgh, the various projects would be finalized, meetings, conferences, and visits. What do you think? Should we: A Common group work during a meeting of 5 to 10 days B- Preliminary work via the internet followed by a meeting of 5 days?

One week (7 or 5 days) (10)

Less work before the workshop (8)/